Directory Of Articles


“America’s Economic Future – ‘Greenfield’ or ‘Brownfield’?”

Thoughts on a critical topic – what will be the future economic environment for the United States?  And what can be done to insure that sustainable prosperity is attained?



This is a recap of forecasts made during The Financial Crisis.  This recap is meant to highlight the difficulty of economic forecasting during this period.  This difficulty is in and among itself very significant; and it should cast some uncertainty on the potential accuracy of current forecasts.


“My Overall Thoughts on the Bailouts, Stimulus Measures, and Interventions”

A summary view of my overall position on the bailouts, stimulus, interventions, etc.


“President Obama’s Greatest Challenge”

A discussion of President Obama’s Presidency in context of the economy.


“Business Planning Principles Applied to the Stimulus / Intervention Efforts”

This article offers suggestions as to how risk can be controlled, and effectiveness maximized, for the stimulus and intervention efforts.   Please note this is not an endorsement of these efforts; it is suggestions as to how best manage the efforts as the stimulus/interventions are put into effect.


“Intervention’s Potential Blindspots”

While much has been written extolling the virtues of such interventions, far less (in fact, an almost imperceptible amount) has been written concerning the potential negative ramifications of such intervention measures.  This article explains various potential negative ramifications – those aside from the most obvious, the cost of such programs.


“Crime During Economic Stress”

Economic weakness causes many unfortunate occurrences.  In this article I discuss a few aspects to be aware of.


“The Value of Business Analysis During This Economic Malaise”

Businesses are being subjected to extreme conditions during this crisis.  Some thoughts on how they can adapt.


“Does Warren Buffett’s Market Metric Still Apply?”

I wrote an article in response to a Fortune Magazine article titled “Buffett’s Market Metric Says Buy.”   This should be interesting reading for those investing in the stock market, as well as investors in general.


“A S&P500 Target of 100?”

This article discusses a possible target for the S&P500 that few consider possible.  The implications of such a target, should it be realized, are disturbing.