Monday, November 2, 2009

Danger In The Markets? Part I

This series of blog posts represents a periodic Technical Analysis of the markets. My last series of posts (5 parts) of this nature was titled "Peril In The Markets?" and started September 13. At the conclusion of that series of posts, I wrote this September 17 blog post summarizing my thoughts.

Although a stock market crash did not occur in September or October, as I thought likely given the overall situation, my overall assessment of the markets (and the economic situation) is that the level of risk has increased. There continues to be an extreme degree of peril embedded in the financial markets - as well as the economy in general. In my opinion, from these price levels this peril can only be resolved via a crash of possibly extreme magnitude.

Before displaying some charts, I would like to make a couple of disclaimers. First, an extensive overview of all of my Technical Analysis observations would be very lengthy, and it would also infringe upon some facets I consider to be proprietary. As such, I will limit my observations, but I think most people will still get a clear overview of my thoughts. Second, I am aware that many people don’t believe in Technical Analysis. Even though I use Technical Analysis extensively, I will readily admit it is not infallible. As readers of this blog are aware, the majority of my focus is on fundamental aspects of the markets and the economic situation.

Now, on to Part II and some charts...

SPX at 1036.19 as this post is written

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