Thursday, December 3, 2009

S&P500 Trendline And 50% Retracement

The following chart shows a Weekly Log Chart of the S&P500 from 2007. I have drawn a trendline from the October 2007 highs as well as a retracement indicator from the March 2009 bottom of ~666. (Please note that the trendline and retracement both might be off by a "hair," but this is relatively immaterial to the main message)

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The trendline is significant as it represents the downtrend line from the October 2007 highs. As one can see, the current S&P500 price of 1110 is very close to that downtrend line.

As well, the current price is very close to the 50% retracement of the move from the S&P500 October 2007 high to the March 2009 low. This 50% retracement is shown in gray and is at 1121.44.

SPX at 1109.58 as this post is written

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