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misc. note – corrections of blog posts

In the July 2, 2010 post I explained my policy with regard to changing the content of posts after the day the posts have been published on the blog.
While I change bad links and incorrect formatting without notification, I believe that changing blog posts’ content warrants disclosure.
Over time I have made corrections to content on various blog posts.  These corrections generally have been for reasons of (factual) accuracy and – for better readability – to correct typos and/or incorrect extraneous wording.
A list of these corrections is seen below.  This list indicates the posts corrected and the reason for such corrections.  The error as seen in the original posting is seen in red:
Corrected On 11-21-11 (factual)
Re: 11-21-11 WSJ post that says “today, November 10, 2011”
Corrected On 3-12-12 (wording)
Re: 3-7-12 post Dynamics…desc: Highlight and discusses various dynamics and risks inherent in the Federal Reserve’s asset portfolio.
Re: 7-24-09 post Why…desc: The unemployment issue current facing
Corrected On 4-8-12 (factual)
Re: 3-9-12 post U-3 and U-6…(charts updated as of 2-3-12)
Corrected on 4-29-12 (factual)
Re: 4-27-12 post on Ben Bernanke…On Wednesday, January 25
Corrected on 5-25-12 (factual)
Re: 4-16-12 post on Durable Goods New Orders…This February value is 202,568 ($ Millions)
Corrected on 6-1-12
Re: Added post disclaimers on STLFSI posts of May 25, 2012 & May 18, 2012
Corrected on 6-10-12
Re: missing endquotes on 10-19-09 post: “ ”The remarkable thing about the stock market is “the absence of volume associated with it, Hendry said.
Corrected on 6-11-12 (typo/additional word)
Re: disclaimer on June 14, 2010 & July 16, 2010 posts: …However, as those familiar with this blog are aware, I do not agree with the many of the consensus estimates and much of the commentary in these forecast surveys.
Corrected on 6-11-12 (incorrect word)
Re: on June 18, 2010; December 13, 2010; June 19, 2011; and December 15, 2011 Livingston Survey posts: an S&P500 forecast
Corrected on 6-19-12 (typo/additional word)
Re: WSJ Econ Forecast May 2012 on May 15, 2012:  I found various the following excerpts to be notable
Corrected on 8-6-12 (typo)
RE: 3 Critical Unemployment Charts of July 7, June 2, and May 6  :  On April 24 I wrote a five-part blog posts
Corrected on 9-13-12 (various)
RE: “Real Median Family Income & Poverty Measures For 2010” on 9-14-11 : change title to “Real Median Household Income & Poverty Measures For 2010” and change “Real Median Family Income was $49,445 in 2010” to“Real Median Household Income…” as well as “As seen on the chart on page 8, Real Median Family Income…” to “As seen on the chart on page 8, Real Median Household Income…”
Corrected on 10-7-12 (various)
RE:  Milton Friedman “Free To Choose Videos” February 14, 2011:  originally “For those unaware, Milton Friedman’s entire “Free to Choose” PBS television series of 1980 is available at the following links.  These are the entire episodes, all of which (with the exception of Episode 6) are via Google Video:” ; change to “Milton Friedman’s entire “Free to Choose” PBS television series of 1980 is listed below:”
Corrected on 10-21-12 (factual)
RE: “Real Median Family Income & Poverty Measures” September 20, 2010: remove “Family” from title, first and second paragraphs; and replace with “Household”
Corrected on 10-21-12 (factual)
RE: “U.S. Real Household Income Growth Chart” September 6, 2011:  remove “Family” from first and second paragraphs and replace with “Household”
Corrected on 10-21-12 (factual)
RE: “U.S. Real Mean Household Income Growth Chart 1967-2010” September 14, 2011:  remove “family” from the first and second paragraphs and replace with “Household”
Corrected on 11-30-12 (factual)
RE:  “St. Louis Financial Stress Index – November 22, 2012 Update” November 23, 2012:  re: “This chart was last updated on November 21, incorporating data from December 31,1993 to November 16, 2012 on a weekly basis.  The November 21, 2012 value is -.184” – change November 21 to November 22
Corrected on 1-3-13 (punctuation – missing end quotation mark)
RE:  “Deloitte ‘CFO Signals’ Report 3Q 2012 – Notable Aspects” – September 27, 2012:  re: As seen in page 2 of the report, “Eighty-five CFOs responded during the two weeks ended August 24. More than 75% are from public companies, and 80% are from companies with more than $1B in annual revenue.
Corrected on 1-7-13 (extra words)
RE:  “Average Hourly Earnings Trends” of December 10, 2012 and November 5, 2012:  Re:  “This next chart depicts the same measure on a on a “Percentage Change From A Year Ago” basis.”
Corrected on 1-31-13 (incorrect date)
RE: “Velocity Of Money – Charts Updated Through October 26, 2012” of October 29, 2012:  RE: “All charts reflect quarterly data through the second quarter of 2012, and were last updated as of October 26, 2012.”
Corrected on 2-11-13 (extra word)
RE: “Recession Probability Models” of January 22, 2013:  RE: “For instance, as seen in the the January 14 post…”
Corrected on 3-8-13 (wrong date)
RE: “Long-Term Charts Of The ECRI WLI & ECRI WLI,Gr. – March 1, 2013 Update” of March 1, 2013:  RE: “These charts are on a weekly basis through the March 1 release, indicating data through March 1, 2013.”
Corrected on 3-15-13 (missing end parenthesis)
RE: “Long-Term Charts Of The ECRI WLI & ECRI WLI,Gr. – March 8, 2013 Update” of March 8, 2013:  RE:  “ECRI, March 5, Recession in the Yo-Yo Years (provides a link to a 17-page ECRI report dated March 2013 titled “The U.S. Business Cycle in the Context of the Yo-Yo Years)”
Corrected on 4-11-13 (extra words)
RE: “Corporate Bond Yields And OASs” of March 14, 2013:  RE: extra words in “A chart of the The BofA Merrill Lynch US Corporate Master Index Option-Adjusted Spread (OAS), with a value of 1.45%:” as well as “A chart of the The BofA Merrill Lynch US High Yield Master II Index, with an effective yield of 5.92%:”
Corrected on 4-24-13 (incorrect spelling of name)
RE: “S&P500 Earnings Estimates For 2013 & 2014” of March 26, 2013 & February 25, 2013:  RE:  “As many are aware, Thomsen Reuters…”
Corrected on 8-9-13 (incorrect date)
RE: “Recession Probability Models” of July 5, 2013:  RE:  “Data Source: FRED, Federal Reserve Economic Data, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis: Marcelle Chauvet and Jeremy Piger; U.S. Recession Probabilities [RECPROUSM156N]; accessed June 4, 2013: 
Corrected on 8-12-13 (double negative)
RE: “Zillow Q2 2013 Home Price Expectations Survey – Summary & Comments” of May 9, 2013:  RE: “The most “bearish” of these forecasts is that of Gary Shilling’s prediction of a -5.05% cumulative price decrease through 2017.”
Corrected on 8-29-13 (improper plural)
RE: “Corporate Profits As A Percentage Of GDP” of May 31, 2013; March 28, 2013; and January 30, 2013:  RE: “While there are many reasons as to why this is so, from a going-forward standpoint I think it is important to recognize both that such a notable conditions exists…”
Corrected on 10-22-13 (lack of hyphens)
RE: “VIX Monthly And Weekly Charts Since 2000” of October 21, 2013; RE: “Here is the VIX Monthly chart, depicted on a LOG scale, with price labels as well as the 13- and 34-month moving averages, seen in the cyan and red lines, respectively:” and “Here is the VIX Weekly chart, depicted on a LOG scale, with price labels as well as the 13- and 34- week moving average, seen in the cyan and red lines, respectively:”
Corrected on 11-14-13 (wrong date)
RE: “The November 2013 Wall Street Journal Economic Forecast Survey” of November 12, 2013; RE:  “The October Wall Street Journal Economic Forecast Survey was published on November 7, 2013.”
Corrected on 11-18-13 (misspelled name)
RE: “Janet Yellin’s Nomination” of October 14, 2013; RE: “The nomination of Janet Yellin to lead the Federal Reserve has generated much recent commentary.” Also: “While I may comment at length upon her nomination at a later time, for now I would like to highlight, for reference purposes, a few excerpts in the October 10, 2013 New York Times article titled “Yellin’s Path From Liberal Theorist to Fed Voice for Jobs.”
Corrected on 12-17-13 (misspelled name)
RE: “Janet Yellin’s Speech of June 2, 2011 – Notable Excerpts” of June 9, 2011; RE:  “On June 2, Janet Yellin...”
Corrected on 12-17-13 (misspelled name)
RE: “Finance Reform Bill – A Few Comments” of July 19, 2010; RE:  “I included the quote from Janet Yellin…”
Corrected on 12-17-13 (misspelled name)
RE: “President Obama’s Remarks on Ben Bernanke” of August 28, 2009; RE:  “With regard to this ‘out of the box thinking’ and and ‘bold, persistent experimentation’ I would like to refer to a speech Janet Yellin…”
Some of the above corrections have been made after I received reader comments alerting me of the issues.  I appreciate such notifications, and ask that if one spots factual inaccuracies, typos and/or bad links, please notify me of such via email message to economicgreenfield@gmail.com

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