Background information

I am in a highly unique position, given my investment experience, analytical and corporate experience, and education, to have certain insights regarding the economy and business.   The actions that have, and will be, taken to “improve” our economy will have truly immense repercussions, not only for our economy but for our overall society as well.

I have two backgrounds that are relevant to this site.  The first is investment experience dating back to 1988.  This includes advanced knowledge and experience in equities, options, futures, futures options, forex, and economic research.  Much of what is written in this site is a corollary to the analytical work I do, and have done, concerning the financial markets.

The second is my corporate experience.  This includes Finance, Pricing, Strategy, Business Analysis and Business Planning; and Financial Modeling.

My education includes an MBA from University of Chicago and an Undergraduate Degree (B.S.) in Business-Finance from Indiana University.

Prior publishing credits include Barron’s and a contributor to “The Art of M&A Integration.”

Also, various “Letters to the Editor” in Director's Monthly, Business Week and other publications.

I live in the Chicago area.

Please let me know of any comments you may have of this blog.

-Ted Kavadas

Why the name

When one thinks of the future economic characterization, one would desire an “economic greenfield.”   An “economic greenfield” has characteristics that allow businesses to survive, thrive and multiply in a sustainable manner.  It is brimming with fresh and exciting opportunities.

For more on this concept, please reference my article “America’s Economic Future – ‘Greenfield’ or ‘Brownfield’?”

This blog is written by Ted Kavadas and published by RevSD, LLC