Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Stock Market Projected Earnings 2011

In the October 11-October 17 2010 issue of Bloomberg BusinessWeek, it had an article titled "The Corporate Profit Engine May Be Slowing."

The article contains a variety of information concerning earnings.  An excerpt:

"For the first time in more than a year, Wall Street analysts cut their forecasts for Standard & Poor's 500-stock index earnings during the course of a quarter, casting a shadow over the stock market outlook. Analysts reduced their estimates for S&P 500 companies' combined 2011 profit to $95.21 a share as of Sept. 30, down from an August high of $96.16 and $95.50 on June 30, according to more than 8,500 forecasts tracked by Bloomberg. The last time analysts' earnings estimates fell during a quarter was in the three months ended June 2009. The figure has since rebounded to $95.97 a share.

Even the lower level would represent a rise of 14 percent from 2010 and a record for U.S. corporate profits."

I post various economic forecasts because I believe they should be carefully monitored.  However, as those familiar with this blog are aware, I do not agree with many of the consensus estimates and much of the commentary in these forecast surveys.

SPX at 1155.71 as this post is written

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