Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Comments On The Next Crash

I am aware of no recent warnings by others of a possible stock market crash in the near term.

In the past I have commented that I view a future crash as certain.  Like that of 2008, such a crash would include not only equity markets but many others as well.

Pinpoint timing of crashes is always very difficult.    However, I have been seeing various signs of such a crash coming together.  I have commented upon the direction of the stock market in posts on May 19, June 2, and September 16.

I am awaiting a few more signs confirming such a crash event before making any prediction as to its timing and extent.  However, this next crash should be accorded great importance as it is likely to be severe, i.e. outsized by historical standards.

I will likely elaborate upon this crash issue as conditions warrant...

A Special Note concerning our economic situation is found here

SPX at 1169.77 as this post is written

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